Victoria has been designing clothes for me for many years and I have always marvelled that her passion and love for her work shine through in every garment.

She takes the time to really get a sense of the person, their colour palette, their individual style and brings joy and creativity to the process.

Her passion for beautiful fabrics and natural fibres means the clothes always have a sense of elegance that are a delight to wear.

When wearing garments designed and made by Victoria, you are wearing something that is immediately going to boost your confidence knowing that you are looking your best in an outfit that will fit perfectly and drape elegantly, and that has been made with meticulous attention to detail.


I am the proud owner of 2 pairs of bespoke silk pants made by Victoria.

I had memories of a comfortable pair of silk pants from the past and searched endlessly in sores to find a similar style but I realized it’s near impossible.

Luckily Victoria’s path crossed with mine. I could see from the start that she is a very talented designer and passionate about her work and wanting her work to be available to all women of all shapes and ages.  She was there at every stage – fabric advice, precise measurements taken and toile fitted, adjusted and advice. For ongoing care for the beautiful timeless piece.

They are my go-to pants  – dressing them up or down. I hadn’t realized what a difference a made-to-measure garment makes to the comfort and wearability.

The best part is that I now have my individual pattern forever so I can keep adding beautiful pieces to my collection.

Thank you Victoria and good luck in your venture.


Dear Victoria,

Thank you so much for my beautiful dress.

I have never owned something so bespoke & gorgeous.


Victoria was able to come up with a design that suited both my style and the style of our wedding.

She ensured that my garments were a flattering fit for my body type and all throughout the process she was able to talk through any ideas I had.

She showed me how the different fabrics, cut, and lengths of the skirt & pants would look and feel.


You can tell Victoria absolutely loves what she does. It was so easy discussing with her what styles I think suit me, the colours I love, and the silhouettes that I favour.

She spent so much time making a try out of the dress patterns first before cutting them out in the beautiful fabrics.

I am so happy with my beautiful dresses. Thank you so much, Victoria.