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Black Silk Chiffon Tabard and Hand Painted Wrap


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Second hand silk chiffon tabard with a long hand-painted roses wrap.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no closure in this garment, it  is a pullover and the most the waist will extend is 87cm/34¼”.

Place a piece of masking tape around your tape measure at this measurement, to hold it in place, as you pull it over your head and down to your waist. If it pulls apart then there will be too much tension at the tabard waist.

Composition: 100% silk chiffon

Dry Clean only

UK, AUS, NZ Size 8

Garment measurements:
Bust   89cm/35”
Waist  86cm/34”
Waist to skirt flap hem length  94cm/37”
Wrap  3.55m/3.30yds long x 47cm/8½” wide

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