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I love architecture, the older the better, although probably not always to live in. The more derelict the building, the more I want to sit to enjoy its ambience and illustrate it. Unfortunately these beautiful old places usually have critters lurking around so I would often rather finish the detail from my photos. Critters and me...we’re not on speaking terms.

I was a Designer/Patternmaker for most of my career, I have absolutely no regrets about leaving that life behind but, put a fabric shop in front of me, or even better, an Op Shop, I cannot walk on by.

A small peek inside is all I require to feel the diaphanous nature of silk chiffon, the beautiful slub texture of handloom linens or the wonderful way rayon drapes.

Seraphina Moonglow & Friends

I love to find a different perspective from which to paint or something interesting to frame the scene where I am going to be sitting for a few hours.

I used to get extremely nervous when people stopped to chat and watch me work but now I really enjoy the interaction and have met so many lovely people through painting landscapes.


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