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Patterncutting: How to Draft a Skirt Block

Would you like to be noticed you as you walk into an important meeting or restaurant or possibly, you are simply fed up with your average safe wardrobe?

Maybe you’d like to design your own clothes that:

  1. Fit you perfectly and enhance your silhouette.
  2. Get you noticed and not blend into the background.
  3. Express your creativity and, save your bank balance.

Join me in this course as I show you how to draft a skirt block/sloper that will fit you perfectly, from which you will be able to create any skirt design imaginable.

In future classes I will help you expand your wardrobe further with more skirt patterns to make, before moving onto the bodice block/sloper further down the track.

You do not need any prior knowledge, you could be a complete beginner, or possibly a fashion student. I will show you step by step what to do and you’ll have all the notes and diagrams required, as well as equipment and supplier lists.

How To Create A Flared A-Line Skirt Pattern

A flared skirt is a very adaptable and versatile item to have in your wardrobe and is a flattering silhouette for all figure types. It’s a very easy pattern to create from either the master skirt block/sloper, which I teach in my first Skillshare class, ‘Patterncutting: How To Draft A Basic Skirt Block’ or, from a favourite straight skirt commercial pattern you may have.

Join me in this class as I demonstrate how to:

  • Manipulate the darts and sideseams to create a gently flared silhouette.
  • How to mark up your skirt pattern.
  • How to place your skirt pattern on the fabric grain correctly.
  • Troubleshooting any problems.

You do not need any experience for this class; there are diagrams and a materials list and you will be able to buy everything from your local craft store. There are also very clear videos for each process throughout.

Create A Fabulous 1950s Swing Skirt

1950s fashion was all about an excess of fabric, especially after the restrictions of the war years. The voluminous skirts were, and still are, an absolute dream to wear. These are beautiful skirts for daywear and bridal, it can be added under a bustier or joined onto a bodice for a complete dress.

Using the basic skirt block or A-Line skirt pattern from my previous classes or, if you have your own basic pattern, I will demonstrate:

  • How to make the hip yoke.
  • Spread the lower straight skirt to create a full circle.
  • How to place the patterns on the correct grains.
  • Lengthen the back hem for a train.
  • Clarify the pattern markings.
  • Create a gathered version.
  • Make hem facings.

This is a more detailed class than my first two classes but I do go through the process carefully so I still consider it for Beginners.

How to Cut & Sew A Skirt: A Class For Complete Beginners

This class is a bit different from my other classes, it is a beginners’ sewing class for those students who have absolutely no knowledge of how to sew. I was a beginner once myself so I have made methodical, very easy-to-follow steps for you.

It is also a great accompaniment class to my very first Skillshare class.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to position the skirt pattern on the fabric
  • Cutting out the skirt and block fuse the waistband and facings
  • Sew darts correctly
  • Insert an invisible zip
  • Sew a waistband with a button closure and a waist facing
  • Stitch up a curved hem to sit smoothly

I really do hope you enjoy this class, it’s such fun to design and make your own clothes…if only to be DIFFERENT!

Make Your Own Silk Pillowcase

There is nothing like a beautiful soft silk satin pillow to lay your head upon and drift into slumberland, the fabric caresses your face and you just melt.

No experience is neccessary for this basic sewing class, I will show you how to carefully lay and cut your pillowcase pattern out, then sew it together with French seams. The sewing is not difficult at all, but care has to taken with the cutting, otherwise your pillowcase wil twist and you will have wasted some expensive silk.

These also make beautiful gifts so it is worth taking a little time to cut and sew them, they will most certainly be appreciated by your recipient.

The pillowcase layout and pattern sheet under the Resources Tab also describe how much fabric is needed for the different width fabrics.