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Patterncutting: How to Draft a Skirt Block

Would you like to be noticed you as you walk into an important meeting or restaurant or possibly, you are simply fed up with your average safe wardrobe?

Maybe you’d like to design your own clothes that:

  1. Fit you perfectly and enhance your silhouette.
  2. Get you noticed and not blend into the background.
  3. Express your creativity and, save your bank balance.

Join me in this course as I show you how to draft a skirt block/sloper that will fit you perfectly, from which you will be able to create any skirt design imaginable.

In future classes I will help you expand your wardrobe further with more skirt patterns to make, before moving onto the bodice block/sloper further down the track.

You do not need any prior knowledge, you could be a complete beginner, or possibly a fashion student. I will show you step by step what to do and you’ll have all the notes and diagrams required, as well as equipment and supplier lists.

How To Create A Flared A-Line Skirt Pattern

A flared skirt is a very adaptable and versatile item to have in your wardrobe and is a flattering silhouette for all figure types. It’s a very easy pattern to create from either the master skirt block/sloper, which I teach in my first Skillshare class, ‘Patterncutting: How To Draft A Basic Skirt Block’ or, from a favourite straight skirt commercial pattern you may have.

Join me in this class as I demonstrate how to:

  • Manipulate the darts and sideseams to create a gently flared silhouette.
  • How to mark up your skirt pattern.
  • How to place your skirt pattern on the fabric grain correctly.
  • Troubleshooting any problems.

You do not need any experience for this class; there are diagrams and a materials list and you will be able to buy everything from your local craft store. There are also very clear videos for each process throughout.

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