Hi! I’m Victoria

Fine Artist, Surface Pattern Designer, Writer

Hi! I’m Victoria Hannah, and I’m an artist, designer and writer, born in Auckland, NZ but now residing in southern England for the second time in my life. I used to work in fashion as a couture & tailoring designer/patterncutter all of my career until one too many migraines ensured I finally left the stress and went back to my first love of art and writing.

I also have a fanaticism about cats…the bigger the better, from the first moment I held a lion cub in my 20s until I finally realised a dream when I got to work with cheetahs, lion cubs and wolves in Africa in 2010.

Actually, I haven’t quite let fashion escape me completely. You can find my art on my Cheetah wraps and anything I produce with my cheetah art will have a percentage go towards the cheetah conservation.

My other takeaway from fashion is that I still tutor in Patterncutting, I absolutely love teaching and I’ve just produced my very first class for Skillshare, with many more to come. I love showing students how they can make their own fabulous designs to fit themselves perfectly, look amazing and confident and not break their bank account!

Do have a look here, you’ll be so surprised at what you can do with a blank piece of paper and a few tools!

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