All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.– WALT DISNEY

Meet the Artist

Victoria is an artist with a passion for capturing perspective, place and personality. Her artwork draws you in and transports you to a moment in time, until you have no choice but to engage with the point of difference revealed. 

She works in vibrant watercolours, graphite pencil and ink, turning everyday movement into poignant reflections or quirky characters with unusual backgrounds.

She loves all animals, but especially cats and cheetahs to the point of fanaticism, especially after working with cheetahs, lions and wolves in Africa.

After working in fashion for most of her career those influences are still very evident in Victoria’s work. She can’t go by a fabric shop or especially an Op Shop without sticking her nose inside, just in case…!

There are times when she wants to work on her Seraphina book and art series then there are her fabric days. Sometimes though she just wants to indulge in beautiful old derelict houses and ponder its previous occupants’ history. 

The Art





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Original Artwork

Seraphina Moonglow
& Friends

Seraphina Moonglow is a very classy Tabby designer with discerning feline tastes. Her handsome boyfriend Sebastian and quirky best friend Sophronia often accompany her on her adventures. Their impish little friend Marlene Mouse mustn’t be forgotten of course, or Zavier, Seraphina’s detective Bloodhound colleague…they’re always close by for support.

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Fashion student Georgiana Garland dreams of becoming a famous designer, winning Young Designer of the Year.

Her only problem?

So do her classmates.


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